Damsels Gallery

As an emerging pro photographer, I was asked if I would be happy to take some images of my fellow Damsels at November’s meeting – in order to share with the group.

I was impressed by how relaxed everyone was having a long lens pointing at them as they shared their stories – and I found it to be a really fun experience.

Looking through the images at home, I was struck by how much they rekindled the wonderful atmosphere of our meeting and the sense of ‘togetherness’ that it brought to us all.

It is said that every picture tells a story – and every face tells me something of the emotions felt and shared by these wonderful women. Because I love writing as well as capturing photographs; I want to share with you the words that these images call out to me …

Enthusiastic, Brave, Beautiful, Open, Inspiring, Thoughtful, Confused, Unsure, Determined, Positive, Grateful, Happy, Relaxed, Gentle, Strong, Excited, Kindness, Trust, Hope.

Please feel free to add some more …


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