Today, I learnt some things …

Intro :


I spent the daytime working with some new friends on our celebrations of 2016 and our Desires & Intentions for 2017. The main aim of the day was to produce a Vision Board.

I met these people through my local ‘Damsels in Success’ group – and the coaching day was led by our inspiring leader Bronwyn, who is a life coach.



Here’s my story from this brilliant day -:


Today, I learnt some things….

‘Lightbulb’ things, ‘new’ things, ‘reinforcing’ things and sometimes ‘uncomfortable-feeling’ things.

I wasn’t particularly expecting any enlightenment today – perhaps I was just in the right place, with the right people, at the right time ?
It was a ‘felt pen, paper, scissors and glue’ sort of day – which really tapped into the child within – reminding me of fun days at primary school, when goal-setting was a million miles from my consciousness.
It was an indulgent day for me; in that I allowed my senses and instincts to take precedence. My heart ruled my choices and reactions rather than my head – and I found this both unsettling and inspiring.
Unsettling in the context of unfamiliarity, rather than unwelcoming – and I had the distinct impression that others felt the same way.

With Damsels, it’s easy to be open and honest. They make it easy. They don’t judge and there is no embarrassment for any feeling or thought that’s expressed. I have never experienced this sense of sisterhood before.
It’s them – and it’s me. I have changed, I have evolved.

My 2016 gratitude poster, in its 3rd incarnation, had matured into a more heartfelt and eloquent review of my achievements. More heart-centred, I guess …




I cried a lot today.
I cried when people shared their stories. I cried when I shared mine. I cried when I was visualising.
I cry when things are beautiful, when they are sad – when they are real.
I think I had deep emotions running close to the surface today.
I used to inhabit a world where crying was seen as a weakness – and I was defined as weak.
My counsellor tells me it’s good to cry – but then I’m in a room, just her & me.

Damsels meetings have lots of tears – and it’s encouraged to let them flow freely.
It finally struck home with me today that it’s ok. I have found a place where crying is beautiful.


I made my 2017 Vision Board today.

It wasn’t how I expected it to look. I didn’t feel how I expected to feel about it.

We made our boards under strict time conditions – for tearing out our magazine pictures and then again for designing our boards. My ‘need’ was to be neat, precise and choosy. My reality was having to work by pure instinct. It was pressure. It was challenging. It was exciting . I loved that we were all there together, each of us under the same constraints – producing such original and poignant collages. Boards full of things that struck a chord with our souls, that expressed our true essence.
My board surprised me – I’m not sure that I completely understand it yet – however, it makes me feel proud. It also makes me feel warm & cosy inside. It makes me feel optimistic. It is a creation straight from the heart and not the head. I was very attached to it; immediately.
It makes me buzz – Did I really do that ?  Wow !

Some part of me took over there, my Inner Self – and I want to experience that again and again. I’ve seen glimpses of it before, yet been unaware of what it was. I want to keep tapping into that wisdom and intuition – and courage.

I want to bathe in it !

I know that it will help me on my journey. It will be my guiding light …


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