Mindfulness in the Morning …

When I woke up this morning I remembered that I had a long glorious day stretched ahead of me, with no scheduled place to be or people to see.

Sounds like heaven ..?

On the contrary – I lay there in bed feeling really unsettled and not understanding why. I have so much to “get my teeth stuck into” regarding my new business and the house – that I should have been leaping out of bed with enthusiasm and gratitude for a whole, uninterrupted day to do it in.

Being a procrastinator by habit, my ‘to do’ list can often become overwhelming. I think this is what happened this morning. I have a few quite tricky things to sort out and I’m not sure how to tackle them. My list then gets all muddled up in my head and I find it easier to pull up the bedclothes and do nothing !

So how did I manage to get up and start my day ?

Nothing earth-shattering really – I re-read an interesting article from Daily Om about Mindfulness which I had saved on my iPad and made the decision to be mindful …

I found a beautiful photograph of the sun, as to me it symbolises energy & renewal, and I wrote myself a piece to go with it – which I could turn to as a ‘tool’ to use whenever I woke up feeling like a ‘little girl lost’.

I called it  My Sacred Place.


“If ever I struggle before I start my day, I am to call up this photo and relax. Tell myself it’s ok to feel this way and that it’s only temporary. It’s fuelled by fear and lack of confidence in being brave enough to face things. It’s about having so much on my ‘to do’ list, that I don’t know where to start. It’s easier not to ...

The answer lies within – breathe deeply, shut my eyes and let negative thoughts come & go. Rest until my mind clears and let my essence lead me to what I need to feed my soul. This is what I must start the day with. It will give me the strength I need.

I will then feel brave and calm – able to achieve some of those ‘to do’ things with greater ease.

Be kind to myself until I catch up again with my dreams and no longer need to think – then I can just be – living in my own moment …”


By deciding to just ‘be’, rather than trying to be super-human, I managed to get up, get dressed and Get going on something useful. Somehow, I instinctively knew what I needed to do.

But here’s the thing …

Not only did I banish my fear and sense of overwhelming pressure – but I amazingly embarked on a task that I have been avoiding for 5 years !

I’m talking about emotional avoidance here – and today has been the beginning of an extremely significant Catharsis.

Read my next Blog “Catharsis in the Kitchen” to find out exactly what I was able to achieve.


Visit https://www.dailyom.com for heaps of inspirational info & courses.




2 comments on “Mindfulness in the Morning …

  1. I loved reading this, Amanda. I could identify with the feelings you write about so beautifully x

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