My Diet Journal – Reflections Day 1

Today has been fun. It’s been easy. The sun was shining and I was excited about embarking on my diet

The food was delicious and I’ve had plenty to eat. There has been no for craving a glass of wine and I’m feeling positive.

The first 4 days are a detox phase – however the meals have turned my idea of detox on its head. There is a large choice for each meal – and I have chosen well today -:

Fruit Bran Loaf (like a moist tea bread) spread with full-fat creamed cheese.

Vegetable Chilli.

Superfood Salad (see photograph)

All really tasty and sufficient in portion size to deflect me from feeling that I am actually on a diet.
I’ve had lots of water and green tea to accompany the food element, as well as fruit portions after each meal.

I guess it may get harder – but what if it doesn’t ? Based on today’s experience, I could eat like this everyday for the rest of my days – and not feel like I was missing out !

Optimism is at high levels.

I have to admit that I’ve spent a lot of time today preparing food. It’s been fun – and I’m sure that I will get quicker – but it is a commitment. Several of the recipes make more than one portion, so time preparing will hopefully reduce later in the week.

Exercise-wise, I’ve had a brisk walk with Rusty Dog which included a steep hill. I normally amble along – so today was a big improvement. I’m convinced that I confused Rusty – I don’t think he’s ever seen me move that fast !!

I’m supposed to go to bed by 10pm and finish eating by 8pm at the latest, but I have failed with this today. Mainly because I didn’t wake up until 10am this morning, which put all my meals back. I also spent a good hour before teatime relaxing in my friend’s garden – chilling and chatting about anything & everything. That’s good – because Calm and Restfulness are very important and integral to self-care !

My conclusions for the day are as follows :-

Enthusiasm and confidence are high.

Cravings are non-existent.

Extremely satifised with the food and I feel content.

I have fuelled my body today with 100% natural and healthy ingredients – which feels immensely gratifying.

I am confident that I will speed up routines and adhere to all aspects of the plan.

Roll on Day 2 !!


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