My Diet Journal – Planning Day 2

I’ve had a good nights sleep and I’m looking forward to my second day of dieting. Lots of plans to be made …
Despite the fact that I have heaps of tasks to catch up on – I’m never very good at getting out of bed. It’s cosy and safe in here – and I don’t have to sort out any problems.

There are problems to sort when I get up – and I need to make time for them today, as well as concentrating on preparing my food. I’m hoping that as the month progresses, I can work on this negative issue and improve my morning routine.

Today, I have granola prepared for breakfast – so that’s nice & easy. I have to take a tablet for my digestive problems at least 1/2 hour before I eat – and the plan stipulates eating an hour after waking up. A glass of water and cup of green tea are on the agenda before the granola – so I need to get started. It’s 9am.

I’ve got to drive to my partner’s to pick up my ‘tomato collection’, which I left behind yesterday. I have to use tomatoes in my recipes today – so I propose to do that first, followed by completing at least 5 other tasks from my to-do list.
Exercise with Rusty to be included in my schedule on top of the 5 tasks, plus music & dancing exercise this evening.

Today’s Plan

1 – Breakfast routine.
2 – Collect tomatoes.
3 – Brisk exercise with Rusty.
4 – Book doctors appointment.
5 – Visit Dahlia grower to check when my plants will be ready.
6 – Cut Lawns & water plants.
7 – Ensure my camera will be back from repairers by weekend.
8 – Clear up image library issues on my desktop.
9 – Dancing exercise this evening.

I am setting a 100% success rate goal for this plan – NO EXCUSES !!!


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