My Diet Journal -Reflections Day 2

Another successful day without cravings and all jobs carried out, as planned.

More time needed to sort out my computer, as unfortunately it is extremely complicated. Frustration didn’t lead to needing wine though, which was very pleasing.

I did lots of hard work in the garden today, as well as completing my brisk walk across Sudbury Meadows with Rusty. I think that’s why I felt a bit hungrier this evening after I had eaten tea.

My breakfast of home-made granola with yoghurt & raspberries was delicious. A much better start to the day than I normally manage – so I’m definitely not going to buy cereal anymore !!

Lunch was a little bit dry – ‘Mexican Beans with Cheese’. My first disappointment. I have to eat the remaining portion on Thursday, so think I may melt the cheese to make things more juicy. Apparently the spices are supposed to accentuate the flavour after leaving for a while – so who knows ?!

This evening’s meal – ‘Baked Salmon with a Creamy Mint Dressing’ was absolutely scrumptious. Salad leaves, baby spinach, cucumber, radish and spring onion formed a substantial salad – with the baked salmon flaked on top. The dressing was indeed creamy and plentiful and I savoured every mouthful. I sat outside in the sun with my crystal wine glass full of sparkling water –  lime & lemon slices giving it more flavour. The meal was served in my favourite bone china bowl (see header image). This would be a great summer dinner-party dish – and I’m certainly going to keep it as an ongoing meal once the month is up !

Making the meal seem like a special occasion certainly helps to distract me from the fact that I’m on a diet, proving that the hardest aspect of achieving a goal is down to having the correct mindset.

Still feeling very positive, excited and very virtuous …


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