My Diet Journal – Planning Day 3

A tricky start to the day today …

I had a doctors appointment in town at 8.30 – which, with the Colchester rush-hour traffic, posed a stressful breakfast schedule for me – as I tried to fathom out how to organise myself.

As I’ve already admitted, I’m hopeless at waking up early and getting out of bed – so that was the first hurdle. My iPad alarm played ‘By the Sea’ for 15 minutes non-stop before I even realised that the noise had something to do with me … it then took 15 more minutes of snoozing before I woke up enough to get out of bed !

I decided to drive all the way into town, rather than get the Park&Ride, which worked out well. I had time to eat my yummy ‘Fruit Bran Loaf slice with Cream Cheese’ before parking in an half hour free slot right near the doctors. Luckily, the traffic was quieter than normal.

I’m now back home within the hour to drink some green tea and plan my day’s tasks. It’s a fabulously warm and sunny day – so I’m going to garden first (Dahlias to plant) and then I’m off on a car trip later to collect my camera (at last !), do some banking and take my car wheel to the ‘Wheel People’ to have it refurbished (I’m renovating a BMW M3)

I may even treat myself to a visit to East Bergholt to buy a particular plant from the brilliant nursery there – Place for Plants – as only one of my Primula vialii has survived the winter. I can combine that with a walk with Rusty Dog.

So despite my tricky start, where I felt rushed, stressed and rather faint – I have come out the other end feeling confident and pleased. Ready to face the day.

The good thing is that lunch is already prepared and only needs heating up – and tonight is a salad nicoise which sounds very appealing, especially as the weather today is so Mediterranean. I think it could be another meal outside in the garden …

Here’s to Day 3 – Bring it on !!


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