My Diet Journal – Reflections Day 3

The weather has been wonderful today – very hot & sunny. Perfect for relaxing; not so good for working. My meals today have suited this ‘taster’ of Summer – and lots of cold, sparkling water with lime has been the order of the day …

It was too hot for garden chores or planting baby Dahlias after about 10am, so I’m planning to do those in a short while. It’s still sunny and warm – very pleasant in fact for 6.30 pm.
Rusty had a very short and slow walk earlier, so I may take him again after I’ve finished planting.

The hot weather made me fancy chocolate or an ice cream – so I had to be resolute on my trip to the Bank. Tesco’s seemed inviting but I resisted and picked up my camera from its service instead. I was so pleased to finally have it back – all worn out parts replaced and everything readjusted and thoroughly cleaned. It gave me a better ‘high’ frankly than the chocolate would have done – as I’d felt really lost without it. I’m looking forward to doing some serious flower photography over the Bank Holiday weekend – so it’s great to have the camera back in good time !

Lunch was simple & tasty. Reheated vegetable chilli – even tastier than first time around. The heat and spicyness complemented the hot day perfectly.

Dinner this evening was Mediterranean in style – and I sat outside in my beautiful garden thinking that the weather must be a good match for the South of France ! The Salade Nicoise was excellent – the best meal so far. I absolutely loved it – and will be changing my planned menu to have it again tomorrow night !

It was easy to make, despite the fact that I had left the edamame beans in my partner’s freezer and my pestle and mortar in one of his cupboards. Luckily, I managed to improvise using the food processor and all went smoothly after the shaky start. It tasted fine without the beans – and I was thrilled to assemble the dish with my own bantams’ eggs cooked perfectly – I’ve always wanted to cook hard-boiled eggs which are still slightly soft when you cut them open. They looked cute – very ‘gourmet’ – and tasted so creamy & fresh. In fact, the whole dish tasted like something one would be served in a posh restaurant. It was a kaleidoscope of colours (see above) and the aromas and flavours mingled perfectly.

Today has gone well with the weather being so glorious and I’ve done lots of chores too. The food has been gorgeous and I’m really noticing that my love of food is returning. I’m taking pride in how I prepare the meals and I’m so pleased with how attractive the finished dishes look. The ingredients are fresh and wholesome, so I guess that they deserve to be treated with diligence and appreciation. This diet plan is certainly proving to be a revelation in ways I wasn’t expecting …

Let’s just hope that the scales reward me on Friday !!


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