My Diet Journal – Planning Day 4

“Woke up this morning feeling fine …”

If it sounds like an old song – then you’re right. I want people to know that “I’m into Something Good” here – and it’s making me feel so much better.

– less lethargic – less worried – lighter in spirit …

It’s good to see that a few people are reading my blog – hope there’s some inspiration for others too, as well as the benefits that I’m gaining from journaling ….

The sun is shining again – and I think it’s going to be another scorcher of a day.

It’s the last day of the ‘Detox Phase’-:

I’ve had my glass of water and cup of green tea – so now it’s time for the ‘Chia Choc’ granola with natural yoghurt ( full fat don’t forget) and 10 raspberries … it looks very appealing and I’m going into the front garden to eat it.

I love my garden. I’ve created an area by my pond where I can sit on my wrought iron bench amongst the flowers and relax surrounded by beauty & colour. Pinks, purples and greens to my left – and bright sunny oranges, reds & yellows to my right. I love it there especially, because Rusty the Dog will come to sit up on the bench next to me …I’m finding that treating meals as occasions rather than chores is allowing me time to appreciate my garden, rather than just ‘slaving away’ in it !

The ‘Chia Choc’ granola is delicious – a perfect breakfast for anyone who wants to eat more healthily. It’s more protein and fibre rich than other cereal with complex carbs & sugars that release energy slowly. As for the ‘magic’ chia seeds – they seem to have a never-ending list of astounding benefits ..!

So – I’m feeling energetic and positive. The weather is wonderful. I’m going to get a few necessary chores completed, then go to my first Pilates session.

After that, I’m going to tidy the house in readiness for my friend Kate’s visit tomorrow – making sure I pop out regularly into the garden to enjoy the sun. I’m fair – so I have to be wary when it’s this hot.
Having a tidy house by the end of my day will be a fantastic reward and a real boost to my feeling of well-being.

Full report on what my ‘Success’ looks like later …


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