My Diet Journal – Reflections Day 4

Detox is over – and it’s weigh day tomorrow !
My first phase has come to an end and tomorrow sees the start of Proteins & Healthy Fats …

The last 4 days have been fun. I’ve really enjoyed the menu – and I haven’t struggled at all with cravings. Being without my glass of wine in the evenings hasn’t bothered me like I thought it would. I’ve been really surprised at how easy things have been. I hope that it translates into weight loss for me, however, I feel so much more energetic and focused regardless of how many pounds I have lost.

Pilates this morning was hard work but fun – I had forgotten how serene and poised one’s body feels afterwards. I will need a while to adjust to some of the movements and stretches – so I may do some practice at home in between classes.

The Mexican Beans & Cheese was marginally better with the cheese melted – very boring though – and my only bad choice so far. Salad Nicoise for tea again was lovely.

Lots of washing, tidying and gardening today. I haven’t really stayed still for long and feel like I have achieved heaps of things. I was outside till darkness fell tonight finishing off chores, plus I have tidied the kitchen after tea. It’s a very satisfying feeling and I’m proud of myself.

Looking forward to my next 4 days of healthy eating. I have smoked salmon for breakfast – so I’m definitely looking forward to that !
I will weigh myself when I get up and report back at breakfast time. Let’s hope it’s good news …


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