My Diet Journal – Planning Day 5

Half a Stone – I’ve lost Half a Stone in 4 days … I can’t quite believe it. This is immense – 2 bags of flour – yippee !!

I’m feeling better, sleeping better, less lacklustre during the day, more important jobs done, more confidence, more energy …
My digestive issues – a mix of IBS and gastric reflux have definitely faded away. It’s remarkable.
I think the most impressive thing for me is that I have demonstrated that I can stick to a plan. You’re reading about the woman with ‘no willpower’ here. The lady who loves a glass or two of wine with her meal because it makes the food more exciting and the experience more of an occasion… Who buys a big slab of chocolate and eats it all in one go …

I guess I’d better calm down a little now and think about breakfast. Smoked Salmon Rolls – sounds yummy.

I’m just finishing off my cup of green tea, as directed in the plan. Even the tea doesn’t taste as bad as it did to start with. I’m also finding that water, which has always seemed quite boring, seems to have improved in taste over the past 4 days. Is it something to do with a ‘cleansing’ of the palette perhaps ?

WOW – What an encouragement to continue this healthy regime !

This diet phase is called ‘Proteins & Healthy Fats’ and last 4 days again.

I’ve just sat out in the garden eating my ‘gourmet’ breakfast.
The smoked salmon rolls consist of 2 small parcels of salmon containing a delicious filling of cream cheese (full-fat), lemon juice and freshly ground black pepper. Simple and delicious – perfect summery food. A good idea was to use a pastry fork & knife to eat it with. The dainty cutlery was great for enhancing the ‘lightness’ of this dish. I really savoured every mouthful and appreciated all the delicate tastes mingling with the punch of the pepper and tartness of the lemon. I jazzed the presentation up with some chopped parsley and more black pepper – the meal looked very attractive !

I couldn’t go for my raspberry fruit portion after that, as it would have spoilt the subtlety of the flavours, so I waited a while, then had delicate pear slices instead. I then sat in the front garden and sipped my sparkling water by the pond, feeling very lucky to be enjoying the sun amongst my beautiful flowers …

Today is going to be fun :-

Instead of my friend visiting me; I am going to hers, because she is having a solid floor fitted. I will make us Feta salad for lunch and we will take the dogs for a walk. It will be wonderful. A reward for all my hard work this week.

Later on, I will do some more garden and house chores – and hopefully sort out some more computer glitches.

Thanks for reading this – I’m so happy to share my successes with you. This journey is proving to be soul-inspiring and such good fun and I’ve never heard that about a diet before !!


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