My Diet Journal – Relections Day 5

The weekend has arrived and my first day of Proteins & Healthy Fats is nearly over. It’s been a hot & tiring day, even though I haven’t been able to get many chores done.

I was all set to head off to my friend’s house, when I found out that she was poorly – so it took me a while to readjust my day. I had been excited to pass on my good news, so I decided to visit my friend across the road instead. We had a cup of tea and planned a short trip to a local garden centre. I enjoyed myself, despite the heat, as I managed to get a couple of plants that I having been looking for for my ‘Hot Border’.

I ended up eating a late lunch – and I was really hungry ..
The ‘Feta Salad’ was very tasty and refreshing and managed to satisfy my hunger pangs. It had a good amount of baby spinach which gave an ample-size portion of salad … and the eggs were delicious and creamy – a real treat !

I started my meal planning after lunch – right up until the end of next week. I had already chosen all my meals from my present phase, but had to add the 4 days of ‘Healthy Carbs’ to my list.
The next job was the shopping list. This is the trickiest part of the diet planning because the individual amounts are so small and it is therefore tricky to ensure that I don’t either under or over-buy ingredients. I have tried to pick the most interesting dishes at the same time as trying to combine meals that will make the best use of the items that I need to buy – to save wastage & money. I ended up being pleased with my choice – even though the final shopping list took ages to complete. I spent over an hour at Tesco’s buying it all – and it was after 8pm when I got home.

Despite initially feeling jaded and over-hungry ( my fault entirely for not planning things earlier in the week), I soon cheered up when I started to cook. With my favourite music playlist in the background, I prepared my ‘Garlic Butter Chicken’. I was looking forward to the lovely smells of the chicken cooking in the pan – and I was not to be disappointed. The accompanying salad consisted of wild rocket, cucumber and raw red onion ( very thinly sliced). A very satisfying and exciting dinner – although I’m glad that I only have Rusty Dog for company. I think that I could probably ward off a whole ‘graveyard’ of Vampires after all that garlic & onion !!

I’ve included an image of the meal – as it was very appealing to look at …

I’m now looking forward to spending the weekend with my partner – and cooking some healthy meals for him. I’ve got lots of ingredients to take with me, so it is paramount that I am fully organised. My aim for the next few days, therefore, is that I need to be more on top of my planning & timing.

I won’t be too hard on myself though – as it’s all been rather successful so far …


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