My Diet Journal – Day 6

I had a weird start to the day today and consequently gave my journal planning session a miss. It’s now mid-afternoon, time for relaxing after a late lunch to take stock.

My problem this morning, I believe, was caused by Green Tea …

I’m a caffeine-free individual, because of a severe digestion reaction to it over 15 years ago. I drink de-caffeinated coffee & tea – and avoid soft drinks and tablets containing it. When choosing my diet, I questioned the issue of adhering to the green tea element – but decided to go ahead because of its extensively-reported health benefits. My friend, Christine, avoided it completely – because she hates the taste. This didn’t stop her from losing weight successfully. Instead, she had a selection of fruit teas to choose from.
When I visited my GP on Wednesday, I questioned her about whether the small amount of caffeine in the green tea could be causing me the mild headaches that I was suffering from. The answer was tricky, as my complete change in diet and alcohol abstinence could equally have the same effect. She recommended cutting down on the number of cups and trying the de-caffeinated version if I was still worried.

Yesterday, I felt quite queasy after drinking a cup of it at my friend’s. I put this down to the heat.
This morning I had my first cup since then, this time though it was the new de-caffeinated type. Five minutes after finishing it I began to feel queasy again – and seconds later I was sick …
It was a very unpleasant experience.

I actually don’t think it’s got anything to do with the caffeine at all. It must be something in the Green Tea that my body doesn’t like. I have never had anything like that happen to me before – as it seems quite extreme to have such a quick reaction to something one has consumed. Although shaken up by the experience, I felt fine again immediately afterwards – so I know that the sickness was not caused by something else like a bug.
I wonder if anyone else has ever had similar issues ?!
All I know, is that Green Tea is not for me and I will never drink it again …

Luckily, I was able to eat my breakfast quite soon afterwards -as I had a Vegetable Tortilla cooking at the time. It was very easy to make and quite tasty. It made 2 portions, so I will have the second half cold on Monday.

It looked very attractive before I portioned it up …

I was keen to get organised after a slow start and felt daunted by the prospect of gathering & transporting my massive stock of diet ingredients from mine to my partner’s house. In the end, I decided just to take the basics – so that I had the ingredients for our joint lunch. That was the best idea I had thought of in the past 24 hours and it immediately took the pressure off.

I’m now relaxing after eating a pleasant lunch in the sun, followed by a peppermint tea – which was much nicer in taste than the Green Tea with no issues caused !

You can see my lunch today in the header image to this post – Feta-stuffed Peppers. Protein provided by cannellini beans, which were mixed with lemon juice, garlic, Spring onion and tomato. The feta cheese and olive topping were the highlight of the dish, together with the taste & texture of the roasted red pepper. Very filling.

Once I’ve finished relaxing, I will pop out for a brisk-paced walk with Rusty. Today is definitely a day for recharging batteries …


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